Why do your business with Gem Zar US?

Jewelers look to Gem Zar US to help them make the “big” sales. We carry only the best. If you have come to our site to find a $500 ring; you are at the wrong site.

Every piece of jewelry is created by the strictest standards of our owner Mr. Fred Zar. Not only do we specialize in high-end colored stone jewelry, we also have a premier collection of fancy colored diamonds.

“How can we help you and your store”? To our best accounts we offer a comprehensive memoranda program that will help you keep inventory, and thereby, make sales!!! This website has been created to help you view our line of jewelry at all times. If you are awake we are here, and up to date with our impeccable line.

Please peruse the line and let us know which pieces you need to help your business. We also offer a blog for you to participate in.

We promise to keep current with our blog; and remember, our goal is to help you. Tell us what you like in our blog. Tell us what you need through our blog.

Thank you for visiting our website. For our newest customers, welcome to Gem Zar US!!